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Ogden Airport Hangars For Sale

Ogden Airport is owned and operated by Ogden City. Ogden City works in cooperation with general and commercial aviation to support the Airport Community which is made up of private, corporate, commercial, and government operations.

Owning a building at Ogden Airport makes sense for many reasons and most of the time provides an affordable solution. Ogden Airport Real Estate can be acquired by existing private and government building owners. The buildings at the Ogden Airport are privately owned but the land is leased. The land, which is leased from Ogden City, is usually offered at low rates to encourage long term stability at the Ogden Airport.

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Ogden Airport Hangars For Lease

Leasing at Ogden Airport is a great way of meeting the needs of private, corporate, commercial, government, and aviation related businesses. Although the Hangars are privately owned, the Hangar land leases are negotiated with Ogden City at the time of Hangar ownership transfer or at the beginning of a term. Terms in length are around 25 years and start as low as $450.00 annually with additional airport fees, taxes, and insurances.

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